A platform for digital health applications for ExG

ExG includes brain activity (EEG), eye movement (EOG), cardiac (ECG) & muscle activity (EMG).

We offer semi-automated ExG analysis, tele-medical ExG solutions & remote ExG recording devices.


Clinical-grade sleep studies at the point-of-care: Get more patient data for your research budget compared to in-clinic sleep recordings.


Tele-medical solutions for collaborative or outsourced EEG review.
Artificial intelligence (AI) platform for objective & time-efficient EEG analysis.
MDD certified. HIPPA & GDPR compliant.


Our cloud-based EEG analysis platform can host your custom developed application, collect, host and analyze your study or research data, and integrate mobile and clinical EEG devices into your workflow.

For Researchers

Integrating a mobile ExG recording device into a tele-medical video channel enables fully remote clinical studies:

Step 1: Deliver the device to the patient via mail.

Step 2: Provide instructions to your patient during an online meeting. Together, record ExG data remotely and in real-time to complete the instruction phase.

Step 3: Patients can now start recording data - over several days or weeks - and send back to the cloud all completed recordings.

Step 4: Once data gathering has concluded, the device is mailed back by the patient.

For Clinicians

While all hospitals have the ability to record EEG, not all have the necessary experts on staff to interpret it.

We provide a remote and collaborative EEG viewer to securely share an EEG recording - simply by sending an e-mail including a temporary one-time access link.

An EEG shared in this way can then be reviewed by the recipient, and the report can either be send back via the web-platform or a video meeting can be sheduled to discuss the findings.

BCI Toolkit

A crowd-funding campaign is planned for Q4 2023 with the goal of bringing high-performance hardware and open-source tools to the wider BCI community. Together, makers, creators and researchers will be able to learn the fundamentals of EEG and build their own BCI applications within hours.