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About us

In June 2020, Rekonas GmbH was incorporated as a private company with the mission to promote the use bioelectric signals as a rich source of information for monitoring and predicting human health and activity.

Today, mobile devices use mostly movement (accelerometer) and light (PPG-sensor) for sensing physiological activity. But all cells in living systems produce electricity in order to communicate - and with the right tools this electric communication can be recorded: Neural oscillations are captured in the electro-encephalogram (EEG), cardiac activity is recorded in the electro-cardiogram (ECG), eyes movement gives rise to the electro-oculogram (EOG) and muscle activity is recorded in the electro-myogram (EMG).

Rekonas GmbH is building ICT infrastructure, recording devices and software applications to make the information contained in ExG easily accessbile, especially for use at the point-of-care and in mobile applications.

Our main goal is to improve the standard of care in sleep medicine and to address unmet issues in consumer sleep health.